Scientist, #289, Catalysis Division
National Chemical Laboratory
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune 411008
Ph: +91 20 25902271 (Off); +91 20 25902582 (Lab) | Email:

Education BIODATA

MSc, 1994; Ph.D, 2000 Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Postdoctoral Researcher, Syracuse University USA, 2002; St.Andrews University UK, 2004; Queen’s University Belfast UK, 2006

Current Research Interests

Cluster and nanoparticle chemsitry

We are developing novel methods of synthesizing noble metal clusters and nanoparticles encapsulated in oxides endowing them with enhanced properties useful in bioimaging and catalysis.

Structured oxides in catalysis and separation

We are developing structured oxides like perovskites as sinter-resistant catalysts in Water Gas Shift Reaction in H2 generation. New disordered structured oxides capable of separating O2 and N2 are also focused on.

Green Energy and Hydrogen Economy

Novel structured and composite materials for solar energy harvesting focusing on spatial separation.

We are always looking for highly motivated students interested in a research career. If you are one, drop us a line!!