Project Members

Anupam Samanta (SRF)

Fabrication of nanomaterials - applications in imaging and catalysis
Optoelectronic and Catalysis

T. Rajesh (SRF)

Synthesis and Characterization of Noble Metal Doped Structured Oxides for Water Gas Shift Reaction and CO Oxidation

C.P. Jijil (PA III)

Synthesis and characterization of oxide conducting inorganic materials and its application as ion transport membranes.

Leena George (PA III)

Surface modified ZnO nanostructures: synthesis, optical studies and applications in imaging and photocatalysis

Soumya B.N. (JRF)

Synthesis and characterization of complex oxides for solar energy harvesting

Dr. N. K. Kala Raj

Project Scientist (DST)

Past Members

Dr. Atul Kumar Prashar – Dow Chemicals Pune
Ms. Sumona Ghosh – SABIC Research, Baroda